Lord of the Fallen is on iOS and we Review it

That production is already in development, but long before that it appears, CI Games did not want to miss the opportunity to create a version for systems iOS and Android of the same saga which is called simply Lords of the Fallen. However, and as it was predictable, in his transfer there have been changes… not very convincing in my opinion.

Infinity Blade. This game from Chair Entertainment was an incredible revolution in games for mobile systems. And is that it was a game that, in my opinion, not only noted for show a graphic finish unfit for his time in iOS systems (the title was about Unreal Engine 3 for the first time in this format), but more importantly, it created a genre in itself quite curious: the RPG fighting one against one.

Precisely this adaptation of Lords of the Fallen mobile follow this same path. And while this transformation was fairly predictable given that recreate the style of games on mobile formats is not impossible but quite complicated, the truth is that it fails to make the cut at my discretion. Yes, it presents some interesting elements and has several remarkable qualities, but the end result is not round thing that should have been.

History that tells us is not that it is absorbing. Our task is to embody three different heroes (Harkyn, Kaslo and Yetka) to put an end to the evil Queen Akasha and its host of monsters, which are appearing constantly before us one after the other in a cyclic manner. To finish with them we must both use various weapons as our shield, and also performing defensive maneuvers. Performing the classic touches and landslides on the touch screen at the right time we will get attack, protect ourselves and fight back relatively fluently. In addition if we get three consecutive defensive maneuvers rival will be stunned for a few seconds, moments in which we can carry out a devastating combination of attacks.

Add to this other facets playable as for example the possibility of making a kind of Fatalities (but not as violent as some think) enemies when they are at our mercy, a touch of gore that is not wrong title given their characteristics. And we must not forget the RPG brushstrokes so necessary in this type of proposals to break the monotony somewhat, being able to create new weapons to use objects or different pieces of equipment.

However, it is inevitable to get to tire of such succession of clashes followed, at least I can with them. And it is that in short sessions are supported, but from the half an hour of play on everything is too repetitive. And this does not help the fact that control system fails once in a while and does not recognize some of the actions we perform in touch screen and, even less, to be witnesses of some rather annoying bugs that cast a shadow over the work done by the developers. Taking into account that it is not a free to play, I think that they should have been more polished these recent negative points of the title.

On the other hand the graphics is better finishing. It is not that it is the best game I’ve ever seen on my device, but at least the atmosphere is really good and animations and designs from the monsters and the protagonists are well resolved.

Finally, the sound does not make it the best that offer us the game, but is not at odds. The soundtrack goes quite unnoticed but does not bother, while the effects are better accomplished despite not having enough variety. In set plays, but without major fanfare.

Asphalt Xtreme Tips and Tricks to the Game

On an earlier post, I was talking about the old game Township and some tricks to the game but today, let’s talk about cheating Asphalt Xtreme. It is a tool able to generate tokens online and free & unlimited Credits for this game. I know it will sound too good and you may be thinking that it is another crazy and fake news. Well, I will have to ask you to hear me out first and give it a shot. After all you have nothing to lose and all to gain.

I begin the topic by asking you a question: is it possible to feel an adrenaline rush while playing games on Mobile? It is true that a tablet or a Smartphone screen will never line up in front of a flat screen Full HD about the size of a wall. However, if this question your answer is ‘no’, then it assumes that you have never played our game of the day: Asphalt Xtreme.

Asphalt Xtreme is a great racing game on Mobile. It was published and developed in the studios of Gameloft.

While playing Asphalt Xtreme, you will feel speed, action, but especially to the Extreme. If you’re the kind of person who loves driving or collectible cars very eccentric, I suggest you test this game. You will be conquered! A graphic very refined, a simple gameplay and fun, very complete sound effects… all these characteristic points of Asphalt Xtreme will collaborate to ensure an experience out of the ordinary.

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Asphalt Xtreme isn’t the kind of game we have to buy online or in-store, because it is made available to the public free to Play. So, if you fall on a platform that asks for this game for money like right to download, then you probably came across a scam.

Like all Free-to-Play games, this game has in-app purchases. About them, I can tell you that these paid items are not there simply to beautify the game. In Asphalt Xtreme, if you buy points, you do not drive! But hey, I will explain later in this article how you can hack asphalt xtreme through an amazing tool that you can get from here so please continue reading and discover the benefits of the cheat tool

I’m currently playing this game and I really enjoy. But I don’t make up by you saying that Credits and tokens in this game are never enough, even if you are very good. Gold without these points, it will be impossible to improve your cars or to release those who are still queued. Unfortunately, if you do not have the required cars in your garage, you won’t have permission to participate in the races.

In this kind of situation, there is only one solution: repeat hundreds of times the races already won in order to harvest, certainly at the spoon, Credits, and tokens that one needs in order to progress.

Credits are obtained in the races (during and after). You will get a lot if you are well positioned to arrival or you have realized a lot of acrobatics during the races.

As for the chips, the opportunities to get are rarer. Players are allot of chips when they for example have completed a level or have finished a mission of specific type. The game Asphalt Xtreme offers many opportunities for accumulating points.

Unfortunately, the amount that you can get by playing fair and square is never enough to allow your progress.
Asphalt Xtreme is a Free to Play game. In this game, the only path that leads somewhere is to pay!

Remember this statement: this game has all the necessary qualities to seduce you and get the money. Take my word by saying that if you’re stuck in this game, you will never make the decision to abandon. At a certain level in the game, your progress will slow down.

Then, you will be really stuck. Initially, a few frustrations will invade you. But the desire to always discover new tracks, new countries, new cars will eventually push you to checkout. A purchase leading to another, you go without make you plans to spend thousands of euros in this game.

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TownShip – Quick Review and Some Useful Tips!

So if you love city building, then this game is for you. While other games like SimCity are more geared to look similar to a simulation, township on the other hand puts up some creative artwork and like a toontown where you let you imagination go wild. Probably the graphics is more appealing to children, yet the gameplay can be fun and entertaining even to older people. It is quiet and impressive game and entertaining especially to the younger ones. But surprisingly, older people who love building and creating are also hocked to this game. So why does it click? Read on and find out why. Plus, I will reveal to you where you can get an exclusive trick to ultimately cheat the game for some cool paid game currencies.

The good thing about the game and what makes is different from other city building games is that it ties the city growth with your commerce like farms, industry and trading. And that is why it creates a challenge to the player to be more strategic is his/her build process so that the city growth will work as well. Of course building faster and using better structures requires buying in game currencies. And that is why people started looking for ways to get the cash for free

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